Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Become A Licensed Adult Critical Care Sitter

Trained clinicians are needed in the position of licensed adult critical care sitters, who are companions to patients and to help patients with any vital health concerns related to chronic conditions. Nurses trained in acute care and critical care are best-suited for the job of adult critical care sitter, because nurses are specifically trained in providing quality health care to the critically ill. Getting a nursing degree with a focus on critical care is the place to start if interested in an adult critical care sitter position.


1. Complete your high school education or take the General Equivalency examination and earn your GED. Get a bachelor's degree in nursing, followed by a master's degree in nursing with a focus on critical care.

2. Use the study guide for the NCLEX-RN exam to study for your licensing exam; schedule the exam and pass the National Council Licensure Examination---Registered Nurse test to receive licensure.

3. Review the Certification Exam Handbook offered by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Become certified in critical care by taking the CCRN certification exam supplied by the AACN Certification Corp.

4. Complete an internship in a hospital setting offering critical care nursing opportunities and/or training in an intensive care unit setting.

5. Seek out Adult Critical Care sitter job opportunities in local classifieds, through job services and by contacting medical facilities that focus on offering critical care services.

6. Use www.nursepath.com to find adult critical care sitter positions available in your area; search by your specialty and intended subspecialty.

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