Friday, November 29, 2013

Make An Orgone Disc

Orgone, also called the chi generator, combines crystals and metals with resin to produce natural, healing energies. Psychologist Wilhelm Reich developed an orgone accumulator in the 1930s as a tool to help patients let go and tackle internal problems. The orgone energy inside the accumulators helped realign a person's internal energies. Physicist, mathematician and magical practitioner Karl Welz developed orgone generators some years later. Though Welz is criticized for using these generators to create negative orgone, his invention has been modified by modern orgone-makers to generate only positive energies.


1. Spray the inside of each silicone muffin pan well with cooking spray. Spread the spray in an even layer over the insides of the wells with a paper towel. This also mops up excess oil and prevents an oily finish on the orgone.

2. Place one or two small crystals in the bottom center of each muffin well. The crystals may be the size of a dime to the size of a half-dollar. They can also be long and skinny or round. Quartz is an all-purpose, easily charged crystal that works well in first-time orgone.

3. Put on protective gloves and pour about an ounce of resin for each orgone disc you plan to make into a measuring cup. Add the activator according to package directions or at a one to one ratio, mixing equal parts activator and resin from the kit. Stir the two together thoroughly with the wooden stick.

4. Pour about 1/2 ounce of metal shavings into the resin for every ounce of resin you mixed. For instance, if you mixed four ounces of resin, you need two ounces of metal shavings. Stir the shavings in slowly and thoroughly.

5. Pour enough resin-metal mix into each muffin well to just cover the crystals. As you pour, visualize intentions for healing and balancing energy flowing into the resin and infusing the metal and crystals. Allow the resin to harden in the sun for 48 hours.

6. Press on the bottom of each muffin well to release the orgone discs. Hold each one to your forehead, breathe out and concentrate on the specific intentions for the orgone. This finishes the charging.

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