Monday, August 20, 2012

Maximize Benefits Of A Jenny Craig Membership

Buy fresh, high-quality produce for your salads.

In the beginning of a Jenny Craig weight-loss program, your consultant will explain the program in detail and you will purchase a week's worth of Jenny Craig meals. It's easy to forget some of the services and benefits the Jenny Craig program can offer as you adjust to the day-to-day routine. Any weight-loss program can be challenging and expensive, so make the most of your Jenny Craig membership.


1. Look ahead in your schedule as you set yourself up for success. Take note of upcoming challenges, such as a birthday, date night or any event that might include food. Talk about those events at your weekly meeting with your consultant. She will help you plan your meal and discuss better choices, whether you dine out or have a small piece of birthday cake.

2. Purchase high-quality produce and supplemental groceries while on the Jenny Craig plan, and don't skimp on the veggies. Eating the selected unrestricted vegetables on your menu will help you feel fuller and more satisfied, helping you avoid fat- and sugar-filled foods.

3. Don't starve yourself while on the plan; instead, you still can eat your favorite foods. If you don't like a particular Jenny Craig meal listed on the weekly plan, substitute it with one you like.

4. Call your consultant with question. She likely will have good tips or advice about any concern you have with the plan or your meals.

5. Use tools on the website. Sign up at the Jenny Craig website, and create a user account. You can look up useful information, print out weekly menus and use a chart for tracking your weight-loss progress.

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