Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Are The Causes Of Headaches In The Eyes

There are many different types of headaches with just as many causes. Eye headaches can be caused by cluster headaches, sinus headaches, migraine headaches, eye strain and vision problems. Eye headaches are actually quite common. Recognizing the triggers can help lessen the headaches.


If you can determine the triggers for the eye headaches, the length, the severity and the recurrence can be prevented. Regular eye exams are necessary, and further medical treatment may be recommended.


Eyestrain is a predominant trigger of eye-related headaches. Excessive reading and reading in dim or low light can strain the eyes and cause headaches. Exposure to bright lights may also trigger an eye-related headache.


Watching a lot of television or close and long computer work can cause eye headaches. Glare-resistant eyeglasses will help when using a computer, and taking a break from TV watching will help reduce headaches.

Also, point out why watching tv and long computer work can cause eye headaches.


The glare from watching a lot of television or long computer work can stress the eyes. This fatigue contributes to eye headaches.


Cluster headaches come on suddenly and strongly. They can cause excruciating pain, reduced pupil size, tearing, red eyes, swollen eyes and dropping eyelids. Migraine headaches can cause sensitivity to lights and worsen eye-related pain.

Vision Problems

Vision problems, including glaucoma (optic-nerve damage), astigmatism (irregular shaped cornea), myopia (incorrect focus) and incorrect eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions to treat these conditions can cause eye headaches.


Sinus problems, congestion, allergies, colds and infections can put pressure on the sinus cavity and cause eye headaches. The area above and around the eye can also be affected.

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