Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Natural Sleep Remedies For Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it can be really difficult to sleep, due to stress, anticipation and the physical discomforts of pregnancy. Unfortunately, however, any chemical or herbal sleep aid you take will cross the placenta, and can have an adverse effect on your baby. Luckily, there are some natural sleep remedies that are safe during pregnancy


Exercise can help you sleep better during pregnancy, and will increase your overall health. Always consult your obstetrician before beginning an exercise program during pregnancy, to ensure that it is appropriate and safe for your situation. Exercise should be done early in the day, if possible. Exercising in the evening, before bed, can make it even more difficult for you to sleep, due to the adrenaline that is produced during exercise.

Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows are made to conform to a pregnant woman's body, providing the support to make her more comfortable during sleep, and more likely to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. Many pregnant women feel back pain during the night, which affects their ability to sleep comfortably. If you are experiencing this problem, you can try pregnancy pillows, which offer back support. In addition, pregnancy pillows support your pregnant belly, which becomes extremely heavy by the end of pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows also provide support between your knees, which helps the alignment of your spine, and prevents further back pain.

Reclining Chairs

Many pregnant women suffer from acute heartburn during pregnancy. Heartburn can cause difficulty in falling and staying asleep, due to the discomfort and pain of the condition. If you are experiencing heartburn, try sleeping in a reclining chair. Recliners tend to be well padded, and comfortable, and will ensure that you are tilted at an angle that prevents heartburn.

Sleep Routine

Create a sleep routine in the evening to improve your ability to fall asleep while pregnant. Drinking hot milk or hot tea before bed can help you feel sleepier, as long as the tea is decaffeinated. Avoid herbal teas, unless they have been cleared by your obstetrician. Taking a warm bath can also help you to relax before bed, since the water helps to lift your belly, and make you feel lighter. Avoid water that is too hot, since it can harm the baby. Play soft music while lying in the bath, and read a book, as you relax and prepare for sleep.

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