Thursday, December 12, 2013

Why Does Diabetes Cause Nerve Damage

Diabetes increases a person's risk of heart damage, blindness and the chance of foot problems. This disease also causes never damage as an additional complication. A person who suffers from diabetes can prevent nerve damage by monitoring his condition closely and following the instructions of his doctor.

What Causes Nerve Damage

Prolonged exposure to high levels of glucose in the bloodstream is the most common cause of nerve damage in diabetes patients. This simple sugar causes damage to the nerve coatings if a person's blood sugar levels remain too high.

Symptoms of Diabetic Nerve Damage

A person with nerve damage may not experience any symptoms. Other people will experience minor pain, tingling and numbness in the affected area. The pain increases as the nerve damage worsens. Nausea, diarrhea and dizziness may accompany these symptoms depending on which part of the nervousness gets infected. Some people may experience light-headedness when standing up.

Commonly Affected Areas

Diabetics can suffer problems with the nerves in the eyes, arms, legs, feet and bowels. Diabetes causes focal, autonomic, peripheral and proximal nerve damage. These damages affect the eye, the digestive tract and the sexual organs, and the legs. The final type refers to a sudden loss of feeling in a group of muscles. Damage to the reproductive organs may cause impotence.

Be Tested for Nerve Damage

Because nerve damage does not always present itself through symptoms or symptoms, it may show up slowly, diabetics should undergo regular testing to determine if they have suffered any nerve damage. This alerts physicians and patients to potential problems. Eye exams can determine any eye problems.

Preventing Diabetic Nerve Damage

The most important part of preventing damage is for a diabetic to keep his blood glucose levels low. Frequent checks of blood sugar can help a diabetic make any necessary dietary modifications. Implementing a regular exercise program helps prevent damage to the nerves in the feet and muscles.

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