Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Acid Staining Concrete Patio

Hi...I'd like to finish my concrete patio, myself...I've ruled out's about 10x32. Based on other threads, I assume acid staining is the most durable solution. Is it difficult to apply...I'm in the Phoenix area...thought I'd do S.W. colors...can I sponge with acid stain...thinking of Terra Cotta w/Gold sponging. And, is it ok to apply in the Phx summer?
Thanks, in advance, for any help.

Not that difficult, but I think you've got the wrong idea about what it is. Acid stain is not a pigmented stain that requires etching the concrete with muriatic acid to prep. The stain itself has acid in it, and contains no pigment. It gets all it's color through a chemical reaction with the slab. You do not use acid to prep your slab first. Acid stain only comes in about 8 to 10 colors, and they are very limited. It is completely translucent, so if you sponged one color over another, you'd just get a combination of the two colors. One will not cover and hide the other.
Do some online research to see if this is really what you want. It sounds more like you want a pigmented stain, which is like paint.

Thanks, Pecos...and yes, I did do some further research...and found that the acid staining creates a natural mottled/marbled effect...which is great...less work for me! I'll definitely go with the acid seems the most permanent. I've read that it doesn't need to be sealed too...unless a finished look is desired.

probably too late to help the op out but others may find this inf helpful,,, don't acid stain in the sun only when the conc's as cool as it can be in az,,, NEVER acid wash conc which's about to be acid stain'd,,, color results from the acid's mineral salts changing the free lime's ( lime's an ingredient of cement ) color,,, best cleaning's done w/handful of tsp in 4gal wtr,,, scrub to remove dirt finish w/pressure wash.
we stain wet using the heavier gravity colors last,,, dark will overpower light,,, we use solo OR s-p sprayers but, on occasion, foam brushes or sponges.
use a quality sealer ( not avail in any apron store )

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