Saturday, March 8, 2014

Throw A "Jaws" Theme Party

So you want to party with one of these?

Just imagining the theme music to Jaws can send a chill down your back and make you fearful of stepping into the water. However, you don't have to limit your Jaws experience to a DVD; instead, throw a Jaws party. And best of all, you don't even have to have a pool.


What to Do for Your Party

1. Decorate for your party. Set up the tables with aquamarine table cloths. Imitate seaweed by draping the table cloth with green streamers or garland. Randomly place aquarium decorations such as small divers, coral, plastic fish, treasure chests and shells on the table top. Around these, strategically lay down some toy rubber sharks. Put the leg of a diver in the mouth of a shark. Position another shark as if it is circling around the coral hunting for the fish; put the fish on the opposite side of the coral as if it were hiding from the shark.

Around the edges prop boogie boards and surf boards. On these drape more seaweed. Hang black and white photos of actors from the movie on the walls. Use an indoor fountain or an aquarium aerator for background water noise or play Jaws on a television in the background.

2. Make your party fun by playing games. Set up the first game by making or purchasing a large shark-shaped paper mache pi#xF1;ata. Fill the pi#xF1;ata with small toys (rubber sharks, squirting fish, rubber ducks, sand shovels) and theme candy (small packages of gummy fish and chocolate treasure chest coins).

To play the game, each party member takes three turns striking at the pi#xF1;ata with a large stick until the pi#xF1;ata breaks. Make sure the batter is blind-folded. When it breaks, instruct everyone to grab up as much loot as they can.

3. Play another game: the shark toss. To prepare for the game, cut and paste pictures of assorted fish, rafts, scuba divers or anything a shark might eat onto 20 index cards. Cut and paste pictures of sharks onto five index cards. Make these cards a different color than the fish cards.

Begin playing by first spreading the fish index cards out on the floor. Stand about five feet from the cards and toss a shark card with the goal of landing on a fish. If your shark lands more than half on a fish, pick up the fish and take another turn. If your shark does not land mostly on a fish, put the shark on the discard pile and the next person takes a turn. You win one of two ways: by catching the most fish or by the other person running out of sharks.

4. Feed the crowd. Serve theme-based food, starting out with a fish fry, or better yet, grill shark steaks. Shape gelatin deserts using a fish-shaped form. Mold cheese balls into sharks with green olives for eyes and a cut-out wedge for a mouth. Insert a triangular shaped cracker, so it points out of the back. This is the shark's dorsal fin. Put the shark on a tray and sprinkle fish shaped crackers around it.

5. Set up dessert; get creative with cupcakes. On each cupcake place a jelly bean. This is the head of a swimmer. Use narrow strips of licorice cut into small pieces for the arms, body and legs. Cut a wedge out of gummy candy or break a candy wafer in half. Push this into the top, so it looks like a dorsal fin following the swimmer. Put frosting onto the cupcakes to add to the scene; use your imagination.

Tips Warnings

For adults, make the party more frightening by making a visit to a Halloween store for body parts. Insert these into the mouths of large inflatable sharks.

If you have a pool, by all means, take the party outdoors.

Clear the area of people when the batter is swinging at the pinata.

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