Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shells Crafts

Always clean seashells thoroughly before using them in crafts.

Shells can look like treasures from the sea. With some imagination, you can craft shells to decorate your home. With no two shells alike, you can emphasize each shell's shape, texture and color as nature's wearable art.


Shells that split open, such as clam shells, can resemble petals for a round flower. With a heated glue gun, you can affix the shells with the inside surface facing upwards around a tiny bowl. When dry, the bowl and shells turn upside down, ready for another layer of shells. A second and third layer of shells can show between the shells of the upper layer for a full effect. Some shells can have their interior sides face down as feet to support the centerpiece. Beads or other embellishments can fill the bowl for the flower's center.

Textured Frames

You can extend the life of old picture frames and mirrors with a shell border for a three-dimensional effect. With a hot glue gun, you can affix small seashells to decorate the corners or to outline the whole frame. For added texture, you can apply clean sand to the glued surface.

Jewels From the Sea

Small shells can become stylish brooches and earrings. Cement glue or other metal-bonding adhesive can attach shells to brooch pins and earring clips. A pair of tweezers can help position the shells over the metal attachments for gluing.

Beach View

A clear jar or old goldfish bowl with a wide opening can house a sandy beach scene. Light blue paper or any decorative paper cutouts can form a clear sky or clouds backdrop. Clean sand can form the base with small seashells on top. A little paper parasol or two, plus small fabric pieces for beach blankets, complete the scene.

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