Monday, March 10, 2014

Ryobi Primer Bulb

Primer bulb on my Ryobi trimmer was cracked so I replaced. My problem is the fuel is not getting back into the bulb. It dawned on me after I had replaced the bulb, that fuel was not leaking in the first place from the cracked bulb.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

So.....I am confused as to what the problem is now. After replacing the bulb, is the unit leaking or do you still not have fuel getting back in the primer bulb?
In either case the carb may need a sound cleaning and or kit. If the primer is just not working correctly, you may have connected the fuel lines incorrectly. If it is leaking fuel, most likely its internal in the carb with the needle n seat.
It is not that difficult to install a kit in the carb but the parts are small and can be a bit tedious. If your up to it we can talk u through it or you may want to look for a small engine repair to rebuild your carb.

Theresa, Your problem is one of three, 1 carby 2 primer 3 fuel lines. not to mention alot of assosiated problems that will cause an air cooled two stroke to stop running. Try these simple tests,Its worked for me 25 yrs in the trade.
ryobs, macs,green,grey have 3 types of carb, walbro..tillitson..and zama
. mods with primers all have the fuel outlet of the carb next to the mixture screws,this fuel line goes to the short connector of the primer.The long goes back to the tank,the other is fuel inlet to the bottom of the carb.
I would recommend you overhaul the carb ,check no water damage to metal parts , remove and disguard the fuel strainer on the pump side, replace all diaphragms,gaskets,needle and pressure test with needle side cover off check for bubbles with fuel in the cavity. bubbles mean leaks... worn seat... weak lever spring .lever setting is level with bottom of the cavity on walbro,mod wa,wt . tillitson,mod hu. zama all mods level at the gasket surface
replace old fuel lines,crusty discoloured have build up of fuel gum on the insides this will come dislodged and sometimes trap between the needle and seat causing fuel leaks or fuel blockages. Tuning..idle 1turn out High 1turn out should be close to the mark , zama 2 turns each after you have thrown the screw limmiters away. fuel differs around the world ,here in australia its
low quality,always empty the tank and run the unit dry . if not the fuel will evapourate and leave a glue type gum behind...back to the same problem...
also a few things to check on.. gummed piston ring/s, barrel glazed,chrome worn off cylinder,loose crankcase screws,cylinder screws, Hope i have been of some help to you Theresa, you should be up and running now.
cheers Dave ( the doc)

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