Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hang Garland On Vinyl Fence

Decorative garlands come in a seemingly endless variety of shapes, colors, styles and textures, especially if you're crafty and create your own. Draping garland over outdoor fixtures such as walls, gazebo borders and vinyl fences provides an attractive touch to your home landscape. Whether used as a permanent decor piece or a temporary party favor, hanging a garland on your vinyl fence is a quickly achieved task.


1. A vibrant flower garland adds a decorative touch to an otherwise boring vinyl fence.

Choose a garland that accentuates the color of your vinyl fence or decor scheme of your landscape fixtures. Garlands made of silk flowers and foliage add extra greenery to a lush garden and don't die off in the winter time.

2. Hold the garland up against the part of the fence on which you want it to hang.

3. Staple the end of the garland to the vinyl fence.

4. Staple the middle of the garland to the fence.

5. Staple the other end of the garland to the fence.

6. Arrange the foliage, or other trim of the garland over the staples to conceal them. To thicken the look of the hanging garland, slide sprigs of dried baby's breath or tendrils of decorative grass between the garland and the fence.

Tips Warnings

Staples will leave holes in your vinyl fence. To remedy this, simply paint over the staple holes, or leave the garland as a permanent piece of fence decor.

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