Saturday, March 8, 2014

Insert Threaded Stem Casters Into Furniture

Casters make furniture mobile.

Installing casters is a quick way to make a piece of furniture more versatile by making it mobile. Make sure the casters you choose are manufactured to handle the weight of the furniture. Check the package for this information. Stem casters are attached to the furniture by inserting an attached rod into a pre-drilled hole on the furniture leg, and threaded stem casters include screw-like teeth on the rod for a more secure grip. Always read the instructions that come with the casters for special tips and warnings that are specific to the brand.


1. Turn the piece of furniture upside down, and position it so you have easy access to the bottoms of all of the feet.

2. Find the center of the furniture leg. Use a ruler to draw a straight line between opposite corners of the bottom of the leg. Repeat for the other set of corners. The point where the lines cross is the center.

3. Consult the instructions that came with the casters to find out what size hole they need to be installed into. The hole size will match a standard drill bit size, and will be slightly smaller than the threaded stem on the caster. If there are no instructions with the casters, select a bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the stem.

4. Consult the caster instructions to find out how deep the hole needs to be. Measure this depth on the drill bit starting from the point, and mark with masking tape. If there are no instructions, measure the length of the stem.

5. Drill a hole into the center of the X using the appropriate bit, stopping when the masking tape touches the leg.

6. Insert the caster stem into the hole, twisting to advance. The threaded portion acts just like a screw, and may be difficult to turn. This means it has a good grip and is not likely to come loose.

7. Repeat the process for all of the feet. Make sure all of the casters are inserted to the same depth.

8. Turn the furniture piece upright, and check that it sits level. If it tilts, or if all casters are not firmly planted on the ground, slightly unscrew the shorter ones until they are all even.

Tips Warnings

Threaded stem casters are best for furniture with wooden legs deep enough to accommodate the necessary hole. Plate casters are better suited for furniture with metal or flat, shallow feet.

If the casters are not rated for the weight of the furniture piece, it could result in instability or collapse.

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