Saturday, March 8, 2014

Become A Fishery & Wildlife Officer In Alberta

This could be your office as a Fishery and Wildlife Officer.

Protecting Alberta's wildlife and natural habits is the responsibility of the Fishery and Wildlife Officers. They enforce federal and provincial laws concerning hunters, trappers, anglers and commercial fisherman, according to the Sustainable Resource Development website. As a Fishery and Wildlife officer you will need to be comfortable getting your hands dirty outdoors. You will also need to excel at public speaking, to be able to deliver educational public service programs in your community.


1. Complete a four-year Conservation or Environmental Science program to receive a bachelor's degree; or, have a minimum education of a two-year resource management diploma, one-year law conservation law certificate and one year of related experience. However, preference is given to those who have completed their bachelor's degree.

2. The Western Conservation Law Enforcement Academy in Hinton, Alberta will initially review your application, after which you will be scheduled for a personal interview to gauge your suitability and skill.

3. Pass a written test which measures your technical knowledge for the position.

4. Pass a physical test which determines if you are physically capable of performing the daily actions and duties as required by being a Fishery and Wildlife Officer in Alberta. You must also meet comprehensive vision, hearing, medical and psychological standards.

5. Complete a 16-week training program held at the Western Conservation Law Enforcement Academy in Hinton, Alberta.

6. Now at the entry level of the your career, you will need to complete both your probationary first year as well as approximately 20 hours of additional training to be eligible to be hired on permanently.

Tips Warnings

Lethbridge College offers a four year Bachelor of Applied Conservation Enforcement degree program, according to the Alberta Occupational Profile website. This program is recommended as a starting point for this career, but a similar degree will work, as well.

Officers should be prepared to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions, including extreme conditions such as blizzards, freezing temperatures, hail, high winds and heat.

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