Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tune Up A 1988 Chevy 2 8 V6

The General Motors' 60-degree, 2.8L V6 engine has become a popular off-road and racing motor among enthusiasts. Originally introduced in 1980, this motor was available in front and rear-wheel drive vehicles, such as the Buick Skylark, Oldsmobile Omega, Pontiac Phoenix, and Chevrolet Citation. By 1988, the 2.8L saw many more applications over a wider scape of manufacturers, including Isuzu, Cadillac and Jeep. Maintaining a regular tuning and servicing schedule is imperative to keeping this motor running properly.


Air Filter

1. Remove the air filter casing that is housed on the driver's side of your vehicle. Loosen the bolts that hold the case in place with the rest of the intake system. Perform this procedure about once a year, but regularly monitor the filter for constant buildup.

2. Unfasten the brackets that hold the air filter in place with the air intake tube. Lift air filter slowly out of its resting place, making sure to not spill much dirt and debris.

3. Clean any dirt and debris that is inside the air intake tube or that fell from the air filter during removal.

4. Install the new air filter in the exact location of the old filter. Use the same brackets and align the new filter with the air intake system.

5. Place the air filter housing unit back over the new air filter. Tighten the bolts back into place to secure.

Oil and Oil Filter

6. Lift the front end of the vehicle off the ground with the jack. Change the 2.8L's oil once every 3,000 miles to ensure the motor oil is maximizing its worth throughout the engine.

7. Place the oil recycling container underneath the oil pan. Dispose of the old oil properly once it has all collected into the container.

8. Remove the plug from the bottom of the oil pan and let all the old oil drain. Replace the plug once finished.

9. Unscrew the old oil filter. Turn counter-clockwise.

10. Fill the new oil filter two-thirds full of oil. Hand-screw new filter into position of the old one, turning clockwise to tighten. Add the 5w30 engine oil to the compartment. Monitor the level of oil by checking the dipstick. Add as necessary.

Cat-Back Exhaust

11. Lift the front end of the vehicle up and place jack stands underneath each side of the frame. Do the same for the rear of the vehicle, allowing easy access to the undercarriage and exhaust system. Perform this procedure once every five to six years.

12. Loosen the bolts that connect the exhaust pipe to the catalytic converter of the 2.8L's engine. Place the bolts and hangar hardware in a readily-available location.

13. Slide the exhaust pipe out from the catalytic converter.

14. Install the new exhaust pipe into the same position as the old one. Bolt the exhaust into place with the old hardware.

15. Lift the vehicle off of the jack stands, remove stands from underneath each side and lower the vehicle back to the ground.

Tips Warnings

Wear gloves to reduce friction applied to the hands when using wrench to remove and install parts.

Disconnect the engine's battery to ensure safety around electrical equipment while performing maintenance.

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