Sunday, March 9, 2014

Make A Basic Bed Frame

A wooden bed frame can be easily constructed with the proper tools.

Building your own bed frame is an excellent way to save money. The only limit to your bed frame design is your skill as a carpenter. Fortunately even the most novice woodworkers can build a simple bed frame. Safety and stability are the basic requirements that 4 by 4 posts connected by 8-inch lag bolts will provide.


1. Build your headboard and foot board. Lay out 2 48-inch posts with 2 36-inch posts between them. Put the smaller posts 12 inches from either end. Run 2 lag screws through the 48-inch post into the 36-inch post at each juncture. Build another 4-post form to match.

2. Stand your headboard and foot board. Attach a 72-inch post between the frames with 2 lag bolts through the back into each rail. Attach left and right sides of the head and foot boards with a 72-inch post 18 inches from the ground on the 48-inch posts.

3. Lag bolt a 36-inch brace between the rails 24 inches from each end of the long posts.

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