Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clean Stains On High Visiblity Raingear

Keep your raingear clean

Aside from aesthetic purposes, removing stains on raingear is especially important to ensure optimum performance. Your gear's durable water repellent treatment can be negatively affected by surface contaminants, leaving you wet and clammy. Fortunately, by knowing the right tricks and having the right tools, removing stains need not be a laborious task.


1. Remove sap or gum by first freezing the substance with ice, then use a dull butter knife to scrape off whatever you can.

2. Soak your raingear in a solution of water and white vinegar.

3. Wash your gear in warm water with a mild laundry detergent powder.

4. Remove stubborn stains such as grease by mixing one part dishwashing detergent and three parts water. Scrub with a soft-bristle brush or old toothbrush.

Tips Warnings

Instead of washing with laundry detergent, look for a cleaner specifically designed for synthetic garments, such as Granger's Performance Wash.

Raingear's durable water repellent treatment can be compromised by dirt and surface contaminants. If you feel the performance of your gear is not up to par (eg. letting water in, reduced breathability), give it a good clean and get those stains out.