Monday, March 3, 2014

Scan Negatives With Hp Photosmart C7280

Your scanner sends an inverted image of your negative to the computer.

The HP C7280 All-In-One printer produces printouts of moderate quality and has a relatively slow scan time. Several of its features, however -- such as a fax function and the ability to scan photo negatives -- contribute to its versatility. Scanning negatives requires a transparent media adaptor (TMA) and template package. The TMA and template bundle, sold separately from the C7280, employs an overhead lamp to scan negatives while holding them in position. The HP Solution Center software, included with the driver, allows you to edit and manipulate negatives after importing them.


1. Clean the scanner glass with a lint-free cloth and mild glass cleaner. Connect your HP C7280 to your computer.

2. Remove the TMA cover. Place the upper right corner of the proper-sized template on the upper-right corner of the scanner glass.

3. Arrange your negatives in the template, which shows the direction for proper orientation.

4. Cover any empty spaces in the template with the light shields included in the TMA bundle, then close the scanner lid.

5. Select Scan Film from the HP Solution Center screen on the computer. Select Change Settings in the Scan From dialog box.

6. Select Slides or Positives - (TMA) under the Scan Shortcuts heading. Select Negatives (TMA) from the drop-down menu.

7. Click Scan. Select Browse and choose the destination folder for your scan, then click OK.

Tips Warnings

Light shields, part of the TMA and template package, block light from entering unfilled template spaces.

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