Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Be Buddy Holly For Halloween

A Buddy Holly impersonator

Buddy Holly is an iconic figure in American pop culture. He was one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. Rolling Stone magazine ranked him number 13 on its 100 Greatest Musicians of All Time list. He is an easily recognizable figure. It would be unique and easy to dress up like him for Halloween. This article will give you step by step information on look like him.


1. Get to know Buddy Holly. If you are serious about being Buddy Holly for Halloween, you need to get his character down, as well as his clothes. Gary Busey does a great job portraying him in The Buddy Holly Story. After you watch this movie, you should know more about his character.

2. Get the glasses. Buddy Holly's black glasses are probably the most responsible for making him such an easily recognizable figure. Check out your local vintage shops for glasses like these. There are also many websites that specialize in 1950s apparel.

3. Dress nicely. Buddy Holly always dressed nicely at his shows. Your stereotypical Buddy Holly impersonator will wear a white sport coat, black bow tie, black shoes and black pants. He didn't always wear a bow tie; a regular neck tie will be fine if it's skinny. Again, check the retro and vintage shops for these items.

4. Dye your hair black. Buddy Holly had black curly hair. If you have short hair, grow it out a little so you can add curls to it.

5. Find or borrow a guitar. Buddy played with a sunburst Fender Stratocaster. This is a standard guitar; it should be easy to find a friend who has one. If not, you can get an identical Squier guitar for about $100. If you really want to impress someone, learn some of Buddy's songs; they are relatively easy to learn.

6. Go the extra mile and convince two friends to dress up like Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. As most know, Buddy Holly died in a plane crash with these two musicians. With it being Halloween, the three of you could dress like you just got out of the plane crash.