Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whirlpool Electric Dryer Wont Heat #Wed5300sq0

The dryer will spin but wont heat I have replaced the heating element and the thermo fuse I've checked the high limit temperature sensor and the cycle sensor I have continuity on both but the heating element doesn't get hot what else could it be it was working Also I've cleaned everything

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Have you used a meter and checked for 240vac at the receptacle and inside at the wiring terminal block ?

I have check voltage at the plug and have 120v on each leg or 240 across two legs

usual reason your dryer won't heat is heater element (replaced) or hi limit thermostat, Thermostat is the one on top of heater case. Use continuity part of meter to check for opens, If open it's bad. Reason thermostat went bad is you need to clean vent to outside.

I've checked the high limit thermostat and the cycle on and off thermostat there both good I checked voltage at the outlet and get 240 also checked the fuse on the housing

Did you open the junction box on back of dryer to make sure connections are tight and none are burned ?

Don't have a diagram for yours but have one for a simular one. The diagram shows 2 other places you might have a problem One is a switch in motor, mine shows a red wire from motor to heater. Have to unplug wire at heater and check for 120 volts there with dryer running. other place is timer. Under console should be a wiring diagram you can check if I have right one.

I checked the wire connection at the junction box. every thing was tight and I saw the red wire going to the motor I checked with a ohm meter and had continuity from the other side of the switch to were the red wire connects at the heating element I'll double check the voltage but I don't think that's it I didn't check the timer wire as I didn't know what the other side was The timer dose run the element burned out tripped the breaker and hasn't heated since but blower and motor work? It's my ex wife's mothers dryer I try to help her as best I can.

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