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What Type Of Insurance Does Aflac Provide

What Type of Insurance Does Aflac Provide?

Founded in 1955 by John and Paul Amos, the American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Aflac) maintains its headquarters in Columbus, Georgia. Aflac offered its first policy, designed to pay cancer expenses, in 1958. In 2010, the company offers policies for disabilities, accidents, intensive care, critical injuries and dental care. The majority of Aflac health policies provide supplemental coverage to your major medical policy and you can find Aflac insurance in every U.S. state.

Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental health insurance policies can offset payment of medical expenses when major medical coverage stops. Policies can pay for extended hospitalization, deductibles or treatments excluded by major medical plans. Aflac health insurance policies offer cash benefits paid directly to the policyholder. Policy terms specify predetermined benefits for specific types of injuries and illnesses, which you receive when the need arises. You can apply benefits received from Aflac to medical expenses or use the money to pay everyday bills, such as mortgage payments, utilities bills or car notes.

Aflac Health Insurance

Alfac health insurance polices have no deductibles and allow policyholders to choose the hospital or medical professional they prefer. Select health policies also feature increased benefits during the initial days of a hospital stay. Aflac accidental injury policies pay benefits in the event of lacerations, broken teeth, emergency room trips, concussions and air or ground ambulance transports. The Aflac hospital confinement indemnity policy pays when an illness or injury requires hospitalization. Intensive care policies pay benefits when the policyholder requires admission in an intensive care unit at a hospital due to accident or illness. You can receive Aflac benefits even when your major medical insurance covers expenses.

Lump Sum Policies

Aflac offers a number of lump sum policies that pay cash benefits in the event of specified illnesses or conditions. The lump sum cancer policy pays a predetermined cash amount if a policyholder receives a cancer diagnosis. The lump sum critical illness policy pays you benefits in the event your condition is diagnosed as critical, including conditions such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, coma or when you need an organ transplant.

Dental Insurance

Aflac offers dental insurance programs that can offer coverage for emergency and preventative dental care. Benefit amounts are based on guidelines established by the American Dental Association, with a specified cash amount assigned to each dental procedure covered by your policy.

Life Insurance

Whole life Aflac policies can build a cash value, which you can use as loan collateral or as a means of paying policy premiums. Term policies cover you for a specified time limit, typically 20 to 30 years in Aflac policies. In the event of death, your policy beneficiary received the cash value of the policy, along with the cash value accumulated in a whole life policy. You can choose whole life and term life policies for adults and children. You also have the option to purchase a rider for your own term life policy to cover your dependent children.

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