Sunday, March 9, 2014

Change A 2001 Ford Windstar Turning Lamp

Replacing the turn signal on a Ford Windstar won't take you more than twenty minutes, not including the time to buy the replacement bulb. This time is well spent: taking the Windstar to a dealer for the same job could run you a bill of 70 dollars or more. But the bulb won't cost you more than 10 dollars at an auto store. Besides, replacing turn signal lamp bulbs when they burn out is crucial for safe driving on the road: they signal to other drivers your intentions. Whether the front or rear, passenger or driver-side, signal is out, the fix is quick, cheap, and easy.


Instructions--Front Signal Lights

1. Prop open the hood.

2. Pull out the two retainer pins above the headlamp that needs to be removed. Do this with your fingers or pliers if time has worn down the pins.

3. Pull the headlamp toward you, removing it from the car.

4. Twist the bulb's socket counterclockwise to detach it from the headlamp.

5. Pull the bulb out of the headlamp and replace it with the new bulb. See the Resources Section for a list of bulb sizes. Before reattaching the entire assembly, turn on the car to check that the new turn signal works.

6. Insert the socket into the headlamp by pressing in and twisting clockwise.

7. Push the headlamp into the frame from which it came.

8. Press the two retaining clips back into their pin holes. They will make a click sound when they're in firmly.

Instructions--Rear Turn Signals

9. Open the trunk.

10. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the two screws attaching the tail lamp to the car.

11. Pull the lamp toward you and away from the Windstar at a forty-five degree angle.

12. Twist the socket counterclockwise to detach it from the rear lamp.

13. Pull the bulb out of the socket and insert the new bulb. See the Resources Section for a list of bulb sizes. Check that the new bulb works by turning the Windstar on and pressing the turn signal. Follow the steps in reverse to reattach the headlamp if the bulb worked.

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