Sunday, March 2, 2014

Birthday Ideas For Favors & Centerpieces

Birthday party favor and centepiece options are virtually unlimited.

Party favors and centerpieces can consist of almost anything. They can be tailored to the general interests of the person being celebrated or to a particular theme of something that person finds particularly interesting or special. Centerpieces and favors can be found at retail stores, or can be made at home often with simple materials and procedures.

Photo Lantern Centerpiece

A personalized centerpiece can be made using photos of the birthday boy or girl. This relatively easy to make centerpiece idea comes from Martha Stewart and requires few supplies. This project can be made with a triple-frame, hinged photo set or with three separate wooden frames hinged together. The frames may be painted or left natural. Remove the cardboard frame backing and discard. Insert a black and white photo printed on ecru colored vellum into the frame and tape in place. Angle the frames so they form a triangle. Place them on the table and insert a votive candle to create the lantern.

Favors for a Baseball Themed Party

Theme parties celebrating a child's favorite sport are a popular birthday party option. Perhaps a baseball themed party would suit the tastes of a little boy or girl. Favors for this type of party should reflect the theme and carry the baseball fun all the way back to a guest's own home. Suggestions for favors include small clear bags filled with chocolate baseballs, baseball gum balls, Tootsie rolls--which mimic the shape of miniature baseball bats--baseball bat taffy, wax soda bottles, and baseball cards. Seal the bags with baseball inspired stickers for extra themed fun.

Edible Centerpiece

Edible centerpieces are another option for decorating a birthday table. These centerpieces can be created by creatively arranging fruit or vegetables on platters or in baskets. Another option suggested by the Food Network is to create a cupcake centerpiece by stacking cupcakes vertically on a cupcake tree- a tiered serving tool available in home stores. These types of centerpieces can serve the double duty of being decorative as well as dessert. Using store bought cake mix and frosting, prepare cupcakes according to package directions. Allow the cakes to cool on wire racks, then frost and place on the tree in the center of the table for a unique centerpiece.

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