Sunday, March 2, 2014

Go To A Concert With Your Girlfriend

Listen to music and cut loose with your girlfriend at a musical concert.

If you enjoy live music, plan a date to attend a concert with the special lady in your life. Be it a local band showcase or a large-scale music event featuring her favorite musical celeb, rely on the lively atmosphere to amp your date up a few notches. Not only will you get extra points for taking her to a concert you know she will love, but also you will find that you have a great time as well. Get creative and consider her interests to make the night memorable for both of you.


1. Block out the date with your girlfriend before purchasing the tickets. Create an element of surprise by keeping the date idea a secret; hint at something special you've planned without telling her what it is. Ask her to keep the date blocked out for you, so all of your planning is not in vain.

2. Obtain the tickets in advance. The last thing you want is to surprise your girlfriend with tickets to a concert, only to find it is sold out when you arrive. Get tickets ahead of time and have them in hand the night of the big date.

3. Plan some supplemental activities ahead of the concert. Build up to the climax of the big evening, which is the concert, with some smaller activities ahead of time. Spring for dinner at her favorite restaurant along with a carriage ride through the park or a jaunt to the local arcade.

4. Offer to buy her some memorabilia upon arriving at the concert. Choose a small memento of the concert, such as a special program or T-shirt. The idea is to offer her something she can cherish long after the concert is over.

5. Encourage her to let loose at the concert. Some girls might feel uncomfortable about screaming and shouting in front of you at a music concert; they may be less likely to get up and dance in the aisle or sing along to the music. Pull her up to sing and dance right along with her to assuage any insecurities she might have about letting go in your presence.

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