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Repair A Porcelain Veneer On Teeth

Repair a Porcelain Veneer on Teeth

A porcelain veneer is used to cover a front tooth. Unlike a crown, which covers the entire tooth, a porcelain veneer covers only the tooth surface, similar to the way a false fingernail covers a nail. Porcelain veneers are an important tool in cosmetic dentistry, allowing dentists to cover discolored teeth, close small spaces, remove worn edges and make crooked teeth appear straight. Occasionally, a porcelain veneer will fracture or come loose from the tooth.


1. Pour distilled water in a small bowl. Gently clean the porcelain veneer in the distilled water with your fingers. If the veneer is fractured, be careful not to tear it further.

2. Lay out a paper towel to work on, and set the porcelain veneer on the towel. Allow 30 minutes for it to air dry.

3. Brush porcelain etch (available from a dental lab or online lab) in up and down strokes all the way across the inside surface of the veneer. This will create a rough surface on the veneer which will allow the porcelain silane to adhere better. Allow five minutes for the etch to dry.

4. Brush porcelain silane on the inside surface of the porcelain veneer. Brush in a back and forth motion, covering the entire veneer.

5. Place the porcelain veneer carefully back on your tooth, fitting it slightly up under your gum. If the veneer has a fracture, push the two sides together on your tooth to close up the fracture.

6. Hold the veneer on your tooth with your index finger for a minimum of two minutes. Wait three hours to eat to make sure the porcelain veneer is securely bonded to the tooth.

Tips Warnings

Some labs sell porcelain veneer bonding kits that include both the porcelain etch and the porcelain silane, along with instructions on use each.

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